The Link Up: The First New Shirt Emily Bought In 4 Months, Jess’s PERFECT Denim Jacket, and The Best At-Home Matcha Latte — Emily Henderson

HI and WELCOME! Sorry to yell at your first thing in the morning (or whenever you’re reading this) but we just wanted to greet you with a big, warm, internet hug. We’re happy you’re here. Now let’s talk links this week:

This week’s home tour was found via Sight Unseen (one of our favorites) and is a feature on Parisian designers, Hauvette & Madani. They go through 6 of their projects and each one is better than the next. Scroll through and enjoy their 1970s Parisian style (it’s SO good).

From Emily: Introducing my first new shirt in 4 months and it’s only $30 (on sale for $24 until Monday). Being up in the mountains, quarantined, means that A. I don’t go anywhere fancy and B. shipping up here is VERY difficult (no USPS and since we never know how companies ship we’ve learned the hard way that so often things never arrive so we’ve stopped ordering a lot online and just using what we have). It’s been SUCH a blessing, actually. All the kid’s clothes have holes. We wash our aluminum foil and I use every beauty product til it’s GONE. I wear the same sweatshirt every day and besides that, I mostly wear past seasons of The Great (it’s expensive but some of it is truly timeless — I have many pieces from 6 years ago when I first fell in love with the brand that I still wear frequently). But this week Emily Bowser brought me a Target wardrobe for our shoot and I loved SO much of what she bought. I’m going to do a whole post about which pieces I love before she donates what I don’t need (Pen and Napkin is doing a rummage sale with the EHD prop/wardrobe leftovers — stay tuned for that) but I wanted to call out this shirt as it’s SO CUTE. I’ve always been a proponent of ruffled and puffy sleeves as you know, and this one has great structure (it’s thick, not like a thin poplin that loses shape) and the stonewash is so fun and 90s. Again, more to come from what she brought me (she knows me VERY well) but it’s exciting to put on something new, even if it’s just around the house.

From Mallory: I was shopping at CVS for a long random list of stuff we needed and on that list was Olly Sleep Gummies for my boyfriend who sleeps horribly. Backstory: he started taking these natural melatonin gummies at night and they’ve significantly helped him I’ve tried them too and they WORK). So when I was grabbing some more at CVS I realized they had these stress gummies sitting right next to them (and no they’re not CBD gummies). I HAD to try it out because, like any normal person, I get stressed on occasion so I thought maybe this would help. I don’t take them every day but when I feel overwhelmed I take two and they taste VERY good IMHO. I’d probably equate it to the feeling of having a single glass of wine while you’re finishing up your workday (I definitely haven’t done that), but if you’re looking to cure anxiety or have a serious condition, see a medical professional!! Honestly, these stress gummies might be a placebo effect but either way, I really really like them 🙂

From Ryann: One of the many positives of working from home is how much I save by not buying 5 dollar iced coffees and lattes. It’s ridiculous I know, but I used to savor going to a coffee shop and getting any sort of iced caffeinated drink no matter the cost. It’s the little things. But now that I work from home, I discovered I can make delicious iced drinks at home. WHO KNEW? One of my favorite things to make is iced matcha lattes using this pure matcha powder from Golde. It’s the best matcha I’ve had and mixed with plain Chobani oat milk, it’s actual heaven.

From Jess: I found MY PERFECT JEAN JACKET! I’ve always labeled my body type as “can’t do boyfriend fit”. This gal has hips and boobs and clothes that aren’t made for the curvy female shape usually look comically bad on me. BUT this jean jacket, that I was for some reason inspired to buy, IS a boyfriend (well ex-boyfriend) cut and is the perfect amount of roomy yet still flattering. I got a medium so if need be I could button it up if I want to (even though I probably won’t). It’s my new go-to jacket and I am pumped.

Also From Jess: You’ve heard me sing the praises of Material Kitchen before with my incredible pan, knives, and cutting board. For their next venture, they just came out with a truly beautiful everyday tabletop collection in collaboration with Soil Baker, a Korean handmade tableware company. The owner of Material kitchen is Korean American so not only is this collaboration extremely meaningful to both of companies but until March 31, 50% of profits from the ceramics collection will be donated to #HateIsAVirus Community Action Fund. So if you are in need of some stunning and soulful tableware this would be a great time to grab some. Or you could simply donate to this fund. We need to keep the gas on the pedal if we have any chance of ever seeing a different and hate-free world.

Also Also From Jess: In my pursing of the internet (a daily habit of mine) I noticed that Bloomist is killing it with a bunch of organic yet high-end pieces. My favorites are probably the paper mache bowls, these ceramic vases, and these stools. And since it’s spring (finally but also WILD), I want flowers that aren’t affected by my black thumb, this branch and this branch are calling my name. Do yourself a favor and go check out all their pretty things.

From Caitlin: This Planet Money episode, about a guy who invents a new shape of pasta and then spends 3 years and a ton of money to bring it to market, is SO FUN and fascinating. (You can pre-order it here and yes, it IS probably the best pasta shape I’ve ever seen).

Also From Caitlin: Mallory and I actually both got this wall hook this week!!! It has a unique shape, six hooks, and luxe finish (it’s resin, but looks ceramic) which makes it look pretty expensive, despite being super affordable. Would be a great entryway piece (it says it holds up to 11 lbs, which is a lot of coats!) but I’m using it in my bathroom to hold all my big terrycloth headbands and my necklaces when I’m showering. 10/10, love a look for less!!

Lastly, if you didn’t get a chance yesterday to read our newest contributor, Anita Yokota’s post about her experience as an Asian American and her extremely helpful resources to help fight against racism towards the AAPI community please do. With that said have a great rest of your day xx

Opening Image Credit: Designs by Hauvette & Madani | Photo by Cerruti Draime | via Sight Unseen

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“Living life is a lot like painting a picture. You start with an empty canvas, and you have to be creative in order to create something.”

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Jardel Shepperd

Jardel Shepperd

“Living life is a lot like painting a picture. You start with an empty canvas, and you have to be creative in order to create something.”

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